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                      About us

                      In 2000, Wor-Biz Industrial Product Co., Ltd was established in Hefei, China.It dedicates to design, manufacture and sell casting & plumbing products, fitness equipments, toys, bags and suitcases, textile and chemicals, foods and pet products. The products are widely sold to North America, Europe, Middle East, South America and South-East Asia countries.

                      By hard working, Wor-biz has gained the trust and praise from customers all over the world.The business scale has been continuously expanding. With three self-owned brands "WOR-BIZ", "TOPFIT" and "Mokofuwa", benefitting from high quality and efficient services, Wor-biz Industrial has become OEM parts supplier of more than 50 top level manufacturers in USA and Europe, as well as the direct or indirect supplier of world-famous enterprises such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Auchan.

                      Up till now,Wor-biz established a life community with more than 100 manufacturers all over China by share participate or other cooperation and work closely to develop international market together.

                      Wor-Biz Industrial Product Co., Ltd is a youthful and growing company,enjoying a spirited and experienced team. Sticking the principle of ‘customer first, service utmost’ , she will continue to grow on its way of industrialization, diversification, internationalization and professionalization.

                      Welcome to visit us,discover the valuable products and enjoy our considerate services!


                      Although Wor-Biz Trading Limited Company has been founded only for several years, as there is a youthful spirit and experienced team which stick the principle of ‘customer first, service best’ working hard for her, she has already obtained very satisfied success in recent years.